On with Stew Peter about 911


Kooks Ruin Everything.

School shootings
ought to start a conversation about mental health and Big Pharma's SSRI drugs. But you won't reach that point if people are denying the shootings took place.

ought to have started a conversation about gain of function research and a paper-trail from Wuhan to Echo Health and the NIH. But you won't reach that if you have people denying viruses exist.

ought to have started a conversation about about who created Al Qaeda in the first place and why intelligence agencies were assisting the hijackers with visas, finance, logistics, and recruiting. But you won't reach that path if you deny airplanes or think the hijackers are still alive/fake.

Election Fraud
Mail in votes required no voter ID and could not be verified as to one person one vote. Social media clearly censored stories about the Biden Crime Family. The press didn't even allow a debate on foreign policy. All these things were clear, but you can't get your foot in the door on these things when the kooks are screaming about a shoot out at a server farm in Germany or that secretly Trump is still the president. Jan 6th is when the retards disrupted the legal process of contesting the election by physically trespassing into the capital more than likely encouraged by co-intel Pro.

Kooks create a stigma about conspiracy by dogmatically pushing their insane narratives, and ganging up on anyone who doesn't regurgitate their new orthodoxy.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Stew Peter on his show about September 11th. I am sure some found that fruitful. However the loudest, anywhere you go to talk about 911, always seems to the be the kook movement. I don't think a good portion of people were even listening. They just want to state their talking points about jet fuel, WTC 7 not being hit by a plane, free fall speed, own foot print, no building ever fell from fire bla bla bla. It is the fault of Alex Jones and Loose Change who took 911 truth and drowned it in retard sauce. Comments aside the interview was good and I got to tie things into Epstein, Israel and even talk a little bit about Russia and Ukraine.

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