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The System doesn't loudly advertise its losses

Epstein case is not over

I often hear, "oh only Epstein and Maxwell got any punishment for what they did with this giant spy ring backed by Israel." This meme is not true. Many on his client list were punished but it was done quietly. The system needs you to be broken and paralyzed with fear and dread. It relies on chaining you with your own apathy by hiding all their losses from you. They tried to do damage control over Epstein and act like only two people were punished. Wrong. More are falling now with PDiddy casting couch being overturned. In addition to Epstein and Maxwell Jen Luc Brunel (now dead) Keith Raniere, Peter Nygard, Clare Bronfman, Harvey Weinstein (yes he was in his web) were all jailed. Prince Andrew, Leon Black, Deutsche bank, JPMorgan, Barclays all lost tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Darren Indyke, Richard Khan and even the FBI are all still being sued. This isn't over.


More billionaires punished, one sentenced to death.

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Hear an inspiring speech from men wrongly jailed over their influence and political opinions.

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