The war against X


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Help I’m being pressured by Zionists on Twitter, they want to cover up crimes.
It started with the Twitter files. It was clear the Zionist preferred the woke left over conservatives.

They say the ADL is leftist. The ADL's role is to create a pro censorship environment for Zionists.

The kosher sandwich only allows two political powers. The identitarian left makes racism a cardinal sin.

This is good for Zionist because based on accusation alone they can cancel whoever they want.

They can also force migration and equity hires by claiming that opposition to it is racist.

Jewish groups are flooding traditionally white areas with non white migrants. No one likes this, but it generates sympathy for Israel.

Also it serves as a voting block for the identitarian left which allows Zionist to control information by saying that whatever they don't like is antisemitic.

The other side is the subservient Christians. Argentina and Netherlands are the new Italy and Brazil. It's all rhetorical but they change nothing.

They are less useful but serve as the B team as both groups are Zionist and both support Israel's wars.

There is a darkness on the Earth that few people know about.

When I was on the Israel propaganda tour I felt... I felt like I was surrounded by demons.

There is a very power cult behind Hollywood and advertising. It's a global pedophile and blackmail ring centered in Israel.

These people not only rape but harvest organs from kids.

They delight in torturing others.

If they say pull yours ads these corporations will obey. They're all compromised.

Kanye was right about all of it.

Rev 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

Now Elon said none of this but AI could make it look like he did. AI is very dangerous ans anyone will soon be able to make anyone else say or do whatever they want.

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