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We do not need White Nationaist allies in the Palestine movement


I fully understand the prejudices white people face in higher education and corporate hiring. There is a full on cultural assault on whites, blaming then racially for atrocities in the past as if those things were a product of DNA. Slavery was global and now a product of Whiteness. Colonialism was done by whoever had Power, Western Europe, Muslims, Japanese, Mongolians, Aztec, whoever, it is not a product of race. Likewise what is happening in the Middle East is not from Jewish DNA, one could argue there is no sych things since Judaism is a mythology.

There is a crowd however of toxic and bigoted “Christian” nationalist race-realist trying to blend in with the anti-Israeli crowd. Nick Fuentes is trying to pretend like he is Cadace Owens persecuted over being anti-zionist and upholding Christian values. Candace Owens was not fired for being Christian. She was fired for not grabbing her ankles for Israel. Nick Fuentes is an ethno natioalist who thinks all Jews and in fact any non-believers go to and belong in Hell.

The Slogan Christ is King fits with the Roman propaganda about him who put a crown of trons on his head and mocked him. Christ according to Christians came to be a savior not a political ruler. The ‘kingdom’ of heaven is open to all regardless of class or status.

This new generation is full of grifters. They side with e-drama to get followers. Our side is not so desperate as to ally with completely toxic factions which will only end up discrediting the movement and voice for Palestine.

No one can accuse me of being soft on Israel. but there is a huge difference between that State and jews as an ethnic group. This line should not be crossed. You may get more views and pick up followers but its all trash. You could do the same thing by flashing your boobs or doing street pranks. have some integirty.

by the way the link the the UK trip was apparently broken so it had been fixed allegdely and I am posting it again. Im meeting with Shaun Attwood, Pearl Davis, and possibly Galloway.

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